About Fiona Sartoretto Verna

Architect, Landscape architect and painter I lived for several years in the United States where I worked in the East Coast. Married to an American with two children, I travel around the world looking for innovative concepts for pharmacies. I am one of the current owners of Sartoretto Verna Srl with headquarters in Rome, Italy, where I live. We have offices and showrooms in Turin, Northern Italy. During the last 10 years I have gained a lot of experience working with the most important pharmacy chains in the world in particular in the Middle East, diffusing the notion of the pharmacy for the community and for the people made of smiles and professionalism knocking down the idea of cold and dreary drugstores. I believe in a pharmacy where people enjoy spending their time, where they are pampered, consoled and advised on specific products that are available for every one of us. This can be achieved in an attractive environment, full of clear and orderly communication. Passion is at the heart of everything I do and I try to let this come through in my work helping managers and owners of chains with a 360 ° consultancy which involves my creative side as well as marketing and management.

Nuvola: floating a new Health & Beauty store concept into Saudi skies

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The flagship of Nuvola has arrived in Dammam at Dharan Mall gate 5, and it's revolutionary not only for its attractive atmosphere, where people can come to feel comfy and relaxed thanks to the sapient use of contemporary lighting, but also for the layout itself...

Ideas for a forward-thinking pharmacy

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Time seems to be standing still for forward-thinking pharmacies. The controversial changes in legislation regarding the sale of certain medicines, together with the growing tendencies towards ‘DIY’ cures and natural remedies, means that the general public are much more knowledgeable nowadays when it comes to healthcare...