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Pharmacy Chain Boost resources – pharmacy marketing guide

Here you can find a series of resources to help you improve and maximize sales activities in your pharmacy.  

First read our FAQs!


– ANSWER: Thanks to the internet. We are lucky as people prefer to consult the internet rather than buy their products online. 83% of people consult the internet various times a day! You are in the right place. Pharmacy chain boost aims to grow your pharmacy chain and one of the tools used is INBOUND MARKETING. Inbound marketing comprises a series of simple concepts and we will explain how to scientifically apply them by investing a small amount of time each day. We will provide you with a series of tools to approach this new area.

– ANSWER: today a pharmacy chain has 2 growth channels: Points of sale that must be developed and optimized to keep up with the evolving market, and the internet which has become most people’s first port of call for information. Both channels are equally as important. Gone are the days when one could ask an employee to simply look after the “internet” side of things and play around on Facebook. Overlooking this today would mean missing out on a great opportunity: having a voice and being listened to (and therefore being followed) by a client-patient who is looking for information on the internet before making their choice. All sectors are realizing this. The way we communicate with our customers has changed and it is because of the internet. In technical terms one could say that communication has gone from being “horizontal” to “vertical”. Before we had experts explaining things (e.g. a pharmacist) and customers listened because they recognized the pharmacist was the expert. This has changed. Information is readily available meaning that comparing is not only requested, but it has become necessary if you don’t want to lose customers. To get customers to trust you nowadays you need a “win-win” relationship, where both the customer and you get what you want, a “next to” the customer, not behind the counter approach!

– ANSWER: Let’s get one thing straight: you can’t do anything without investing. The investment is not just economic, you also have to invest time. It’s important to dedicate time to acquire new methods and time to apply them. In 2016 it is fundamental that we develop pharmacy chains as points of sale and the online virtual pharmacy with inbound marketing. The two things should be parallel and can be dealt with in phases.

  1. The first thing to do is embrace the change. This is where Pharmacy chain boost can help you out.
  2. Secondly, focus on activities that bring added value to your business. You don’t need to learn how to create a blog or understand how to rank in search engines (there are people who can do that for you for a small price). You simply need to invest some time in creating content that people (potential customers) would be interested in reading, people like us who look to their smartphone for information when they have a problem or need something.
  3. Third, act.

Over the next few months we will explain how each well-studied move can bring great results. You will see for yourself from the small gestures that bring great benefits and we will teach you how to put things into practice at no cost: making products more visible, effectively communicating, displaying prices, ordering merchandise, creating effective and planned offers, reading and analyzing data, creating an efficient sales path and creating a buying experience are just a few of the themes that will be dealt with by our experts and that will help you sell more effectively in your pharmacy, straight away and with little investment.

After you have taken the first few steps you’ll be able to go further and faster and no-one will be able to catch up!

– ANSWER: Yes it is and you will get great results if you are willing to take on the challenge. The word “business” means “gamble” “challenge” “busy”…it’s a big business but the compensation is high, a winning business is a wonderful thing. You have taken risks, you believed in it, you fought for it to find that you were right and the gain is high. Being right comes from having knowledge, knowledge comes from information and personal choices. Pharmacy chain boost aims to create a community whose goal is to become aware of and set sail for the undiscovered corners of the pharmacy business…to win!