Customer behaviour in the pharmacy

It will be ever-more necessary to take care of your customers if you want to face the competition and increase revenue from the commercial component of your activity. **The client is the King!** How many times have I heard this phrase? In almost all fields, except in the pharmacy...

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Pharmacies from to bring about change

Pharmacies from to bring about change “Pharmacies from hell, how to bring about change” is my first book and I can assure you I had never imagined writing one!  I am an architect and so I have spent a lot of time researching how to improve the use and perception of space in pharmacies. [...]

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Experta has chosen ®Easy chain, the smart eco-friendly display system by Sartoretto Verna™ for their first flagship store in Turin.

I love Italian design! ®Easy Chain is a minimalist display system in ABS that has been designed to simplify transportation and assembly, readily available for everyone.

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10 Strategies that you absolutely must implement if you want to continue to grow your Pharmacy in the Ksa despite the looming crisis

Up until now the pharmacy business in the KSA has been thriving. All you had to do was open a shop to be able to make a profit. There weren’t many pharmacies and there was a higher demand for medicine and healthcare products than was being offered...

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