There’s an Arab saying that says “trust is half of the contract”.

This article explains why design alone cannot improve the working life (and profit) of your pharmacy. And this is an architect talking!!

My name is Fiona Sartoretto Verna and on behalf of the world leader in pharmacy design of the same name, I have been working in Saudi Arabia. It is here that I have gained experience both in the positive and negative premarin price. I have met amazing people, fantastic workers and great businessmen. People who have chosen to invest not only for profit but most of all for the good of their people, in order to help the Kingdom grow and contribute to it becoming a better place. Like in many other places there are people who have tried to make the most of our business know-how, commissioning us with a project yet going ahead in secret and cutting corners. These pharmacies may evoke the Sartoretto Verna™ style but they have nothing to do with what we offer. On the one hand, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and confirms our success yet on the other hand they it creates problems not only for the pharmacy in question but also the customers.



Here’s why:

Consequences for the customer:

– He who imitates does so in order to reduce spend which also brings a reduction in quality and unfortunately also safety. Cutting back on the certainties that Sartoretto Verna™ provides (materials, electrical components, toxicity, and stability) means not taking the right amount of care for the health of one’s clients;

– Cheap products are modular. Giving up on flexibility limits your ability to meet the clients’ individual needs.

– Saving money on lighting, materials, service for the customers and the right amount of space for pharmacists to carry out their work means generally not keeping people’s wellbeing at heart.

Customers should be welcomed into a pharmacy that inspires wellness and happiness and the staff should have an environment that is conducive to their professionalism and allows them to give 100%.


Consequences for the investor:

1)Money has been invested but 2) there will not be the return on investment they hoped for.

Giving up on a project that is based on a solid relationship built with professionals in the field, fruit of detailed analysis of the location, its customers, the physical characteristics of the building and the position that the pharmacy holds in the market means building a car without a motor.

Is it really worth the risk? You decide. In the meantime, I would like to explain how to recognize the quality of a Sartoretto Verna pharmacy:

Look for the brand with the horse and “made in

Italy” to certify that it really is a Sartoretto Verna™ pharmacy.

Planning a pharmacy or a chain of pharmacies means planning a business. It all starts from an idea that is the result of a detailed analysis of the location, the customers, and the needs they have. The idea then becomes concrete by combining architecture and design with the study of categories, consumer behavior and visual merchandising.

Once all of the premises have been satisfied we get to the project, to a design proposal that has been studied down to the very last detail in order to meet all the needs of the target clientele. Once the circle is closed, the motor is ready for the Grand Prix!

Design alone won’t bring tangible results. Design is a means to an end but it is not everything. The end is meeting people’s needs. Customers must be guided in their product choice, we must help them to find answers, and they must be spoilt with amazement. These are just some of the things to consider when you invest in a pharmacy. There is a fine balance to obtain and this can only be done by people who have experience and the sensitivity to understand what is needed for each individual business.


So who wins the Grand Prix? He who has a fast car, safety tested and obviously who goes faster than the rest. Sartoretto Verna™ can provide you with a fast car, fitted with the best technology and a great team to provide support each and every day in the construction and refinement of your car so that you can OVERSHOOT your established targets.

In conclusion…keep an eye out for the HORSE in the pharmacy. The horse wins the Grand Prix!

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