well-organized pharmacy where displays have been carefully perfected to the last detail is a pharmacy that captures clients, enticing them to buy and to return. By making it easy to locate products and merchandising sectors the client is more independent, increasing sales, and costs of personnel will be reduced. Ral System lines have been designed to enhance displayed products and to manage them in the best possible way. Every solution can be tailored to the pharmacist’s requirements and they all create functional environments. The brand new Ral 5 line is a visually striking, practical and flexible tool. 


Display and product are two key elements of quality in a pharmacy, but they have to be properly organized because chaos is a deterrent to purchase and could be perceived as potential inefficiency. The role of the pharmacy as health care service and the up coming ‘services pharmacy’ require special attention to order. Sartoretto Verna pharmacies are designed to optimize available space according to its size and other key elements such as users, productivity and profitability. Visual merchandising, the technique to present products to clients at their best, is a key element in every project designed by our technical staff and is carried out in every Ral System furnishing line. Choosing SV solutions means a well-ordered environment, communicating efficiency and expertise, a powerful tool for increasing sales and customer loyalty. The pharmacist should maintain a clear display, with attention to each sector and display units. It is a mistake to fill up the pharmacy with products, advertising tools and extra display units; it will look like a chaotic bazaar where it is difficult to locate different products.


The right display will help the client to buy. The public has to be able to quickly and easily locate products and merchandising sectors. Display units must show an adequate offer and enhance stock.


The brand new ®Ral System 5 line fulfils all these requirements, offering valid and original elements to manage display. The space between shelves is adjustable to the centimetre. Shelves are in acid etched glass or in perforated metal; in order to help clients to differentiate prescribed products from impulse buy ones, & reducing the problem of dust. They can be accessorized with hooks for blisters, spectacles, magazines etc.


To separate different merchandising sectors there are LED lit plexiglass sails that can be customized and easily modified; the pharmacist can change the range or the position of the products, for example at change of season. Every pharmacy gives prominence to sun lotions in summer or cold and flu medications in winter. Display of promotional products can be optimized by motion sensor rotating trays; plexiglass totems with colored cubes are perfect for special offers while transparent totems may be used for top range products.

For a well-ordered pharmacy the display space should be arranged in the best possible way. Sartoretto Verna furnishings are tailored to suit all requirements.

When the sales area is small, ®Ral System 1 line offers a very linear display space vertically developed using even the top shelves. Cupboards reach the ceiling; have crystal adjustable shelves and backlit sides, which give the products an evocative appeal. Rectangular visuals can be opened for storage giving more space to display products.


Products well displayed please a wider clientele who prefer to choose independently, hence reducing sales personnel duties, saving on the expenses of running a pharmacy. Products and merchandising sectors should have the highest visibility, as with ®Ral System 2 line. Display units, with aluminium pillars and crystal or aluminium shelves adjustable to the millimetre, offer the best product visibility dividing the different merchandising sectors and products. Arched or rectangular tympanums, colored also with RGB and backlit, have a strong communicative impact.


A pharmacy where it is easy to choose is a pharmacy furnished with a strong personality. A valid solution to communicate different merchandising offers is represented by mixing the multiple atmospheres and characteristics of the 6 Ral System lines. A top cosmetic product should be displayed on a modern and well-lit shelf, which communicates innovation, to legitimize the product mission from the advertising campaign to the point of sale. A very elegant solution for cosmetic products is represented by ®Ral System 4 line. Backlit curved plexiglass shelves contain the right amount of products, while curved surfaces increase their visibility. The public is attracted by a floating like effect, invited to check products and maybe to buy more than required.


®Ral System Classic furnishing is perfect for natural, homeopathic, phytotherapic areas that many pharmacies are developing to fulfil a growing request for these kind of products. The handmade wooden furnishing, of antique feel, create a corner that clients will immediately identify with natural products.


Easy management of display units is fundamental. ®Ral System 3 system is extremely flexible and can be quickly and easily adapted according to display requirements. Panels are suspended in midair and are backlit from 4 sides, they have crystal shelves, which give prominence to products in a sober way and allow to quickly move around accessorises.


Another key element to manage well display space is stock. In a pharmacy, display units should not be too crowded or empty; those two situations can bother clients. Every furnishing line by Sartoretto Verna offers a wide range of solutions going from visuals that can be opened to bases with glass or vinyl lined doors, to the more traditional drawers and cupboards.



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