What is a brand? For all those people (actually a few) who still don’t know what a brand is, here it is the translation: a brand ( an Anglo-Saxon term imported) is a trademark related to a line of products created by a Company. Therefore, behind a trademark, there isn’t only a name, that can be more or less famous, but a business reality made of people who have been able to share the same goals and ideals, transforming these goals into products, thanks to talent, ideas, sacrifices and renunciations. For a ceremony for example, if you decide to buy a jewelry with the embossed logo (the original one)  of a particular brand, it is because that brand represents a symbol of trust, good taste and quality, justified by the right price. There is therefore a world made of people that revolves around a brand, people who have believed in the value of ideas, contributing with their product, to build a strong credibility relationship with the final consumer. A Company is not built only on numbers and financial statements, but on people with capacities and attitudes that everyday, thanks to their creations, build their brand value, showing it to the final client to be appreciated and bought. The recent sales strategies have been focusing on brand management to make the product acceptable to the consumer and to increase sales. We communicate with the potential market of buyers, advertising, showing and sponsoring the trademark to support, in the collective unconscious, the relationship of trust established with the manufacturer over time. These efforts aim to increase the brand value, but specific results cannot be achieved overnight, and a systematic and prolonged sponsor campaign is not enough to create a successful brand. We need the work, the ideas and the people with all the passion they have and that they want to express trough their final results. The brand value is built over time, just like a building with its strong foundation, able to withstand adverse weather conditions and natural disasters. The recent economic crises and the fierce competition that exploded in many areas, crippled many companies, but no all click here to investigate. The real strong brands have been able to resist thanks to the strong people who work behind them. These companies have built their success believing in the value of talent and in the respect for people, pursuing the attention to the client, the after-sale assistance, the good value for money and the study for innovative products; all of which is the result of market knowledge and new technologies. It isn’t an heroic challenge, it’s just a daily commitment, made possible thanks to a staff that shares a great sense of belonging. Cohesion in a company creates the value of the product enriched by a virtuous circle that goes from the raw materials supplier to the transformer, producer, designer, and finally to the communicator. Communication, even global, is the last step of a path where the economic recognition is a well-deserved result of the reliability that the company has been able to build starting from the right ideas. Ideas that, trough the product and thanks to new technologies have been exported all over the world; the product is the main vehicle that embodies these ideas and the talent of generations that fought and believed in them. But the product is also good taste, style, and genius at the turn of culture and tradition. These are the ingredients that have made the Italian design the undisputed leader in the world, as in the furniture industry for pharmacies, represented by Sartoretto Verna srl. At the top for over 40 years, with offices and showrooms in Rome and Turin, in its furnishing solutions the company has been able to dispense good taste, genius, staff and material careful selection, innovation, customer focus, and good final value for money. The brand values as much as the company itself which has been able to create and affirm it in the market, without heroism or strange economic coercion, but with simplicity and reliability, which is not a small thing in our time, a time “hungry” for real values.

Rosalba Mancuso

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Architect, Landscape architect and painter I lived for several years in the United States where I worked in the East Coast. Married to an American with two children, I travel around the world looking for innovative concepts for pharmacies. I am one of the current owners of Sartoretto Verna Srl with headquarters in Rome, Italy, where I live. We have offices and showrooms in Turin, Northern Italy. During the last 10 years I have gained a lot of experience working with the most important pharmacy chains in the world in particular in the Middle East, diffusing the notion of the pharmacy for the community and for the people made of smiles and professionalism knocking down the idea of cold and dreary drugstores. I believe in a pharmacy where people enjoy spending their time, where they are pampered, consoled and advised on specific products that are available for every one of us. This can be achieved in an attractive environment, full of clear and orderly communication. Passion is at the heart of everything I do and I try to let this come through in my work helping managers and owners of chains with a 360 ° consultancy which involves my creative side as well as marketing and management.