In this website we wrote about the importance of the equilibrium between the VES factor (exposure value) and the VEM factor (emotional value), taking as a reference a beauty sector with a dedicated area of 45 mq.  VES had a benchmark of 7, the maximum possible exposure, with local center double-face exhibitors with the same carrying capacity of the wall.

Before analyzing the consistency of the beauty sector, there is a priority question: What is the place of the beauty industry in a pharmacy?  Are there rules that clearly define its position in the sale area? The answer is no.

It often happens that a position that could be hypothetically preferable, according to the structural characteristics of the environment, cannot be realized because there are no conditions. Let’s have a practical example.

In theory the ethical sector, which is the driving force of the entire pharmacy, is located in the furthest and diametrically opposed place to the entrance, to force the client to take the longest possible exhibition path. Areas inside the pharmacy have different economic importance according to their position along the path, or paths (round) if the pharmacy has an entrance and exit. Hot areas are the most profitable, as opposed to the cold ones which are economically the most critical.

The classical example considers a decentralized entrance to the right in respect to the street, a counterclockwise path for the customer and the beauty department located near the entrance chaired by an operator and a range of services.

Pharmacy De Tommasis – Napoli


Other sectors such as the natural one and the health-paido oversees other areas. The customer entering the pharmacy is attracted by the beauty department, he has time and money (he hasn’t been in the ethic line yet and he hasn’t spent money). The situation is different if the surface is greater or dislocated in a different way. Then you can think about a central entrance with an entry and an exit and a 360° rotary public path.

Pharmacy De Lucca – Porcia PN


There are still other variables. Let’s take for example an Autogrill on the Highway; the client entry is through barriers that control the unidirectional access. Immediately the client finds the cash register to pay what he entered for, the consummation at the desk (ethic). On the right there is a big space where you can enjoy sitting and newspapers (beauty sectors with satellite services). Once the client has consumed he passes through the self-service areas, first the feeding (nature, celiac disease), then games, music and hygiene (paido, health, hygiene) up to the exit. In this case, first the client meets the primary reason for which he entered (coffee or medicine), and then, once he has finished his shopping, he gets tempted by the products  available for sales. A concept opposed to the previous one, but as we have seen equally valid.

As the surfaces increase, paths change and also the space reserved to satellite services, which are more and more numerous. In the beauty area we think of a corner for makeup, rooms for face and body beauty treatments, up to real wellness areas. Operators need referring desks to give advices and to listen to problems. The relationship space needs comfort with waiting areas and appropriate atmospheres.

Let us return to our space invested in the beauty industry. Depending on the route that the client  will choose, as on the clock dial, the ethical is positioned at 12 o’clock, the entrance is at 6 o’clock and the cosmetics sector will be positioned at 3 o’clock generic premarin cream. If we use a VES 7 the path for the public will be fluid through paths and hallways, as in the duty-free shops in airports. There are no  satellites services, there is no permanent presence of the operator. They need long spaces rather than wide ones.

The situation is different if you decide to support the sector with the permanent presence of one or more operators as support for a range of services. In this case the physical space of the room will influence the choice of its location and therefore the whole pharmacy layout will be adjusted accordingly. Wide spaces rather than long ones. The sector could then be placed at 9 o’clock reversing the entrance and path rotary direction. So entrance at 6 o’clock but turning left with clockwise rotation.

farmacia belcredi

Pharmacy Belcredi – Cilavegna PV


The structure of a beauty industry is mainly composed of three components. The bench, the exhibitors and the service areas. We’ll see them in future issues, analyzing in detail the VES of each different exhibitor.

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