The first signature SV pharmacy has opened in Kazakhstan! It’s located in the capital Astana and on one of the most important streets, just in front of the Cabinet. The opening marks the first pharmacy in Kazakhstan boasting a completely new concept of space and served by automation. It has made headlines since the first day of its opening, with many people from Astana coming to see it.  The pharmacy has also been subject of interest on state television. But what’s the big news? What’s new with this pharmacy? Well, the “Mir Sanario” pharmacy chain now offers its customers a new and brighter image that has moved with the radical changes that are happening in the city of Astana – is newly dubbed the “Asian Dubai”. In fact, Astana will host the next World Expo in 2017.

 With an amazing skyline that’s in constant evolution as a backdrop, this modern and efficient pharmacy is positioned next to new buildings such as the Khan Shatyr Foster and follows the progress of the city.

A pharmacy that shows its customers how to live well by advising and offering them the newest products dedicated to health. The “Mir Sanario” pharmacy chain was the first in the market to invest in a new image of a pharmacy, technologically advanced with the functional and aesthetical appeal of SV signature design, and this winning choice has already brought a considerable increase in profits in just a few weeks.


The project creates clearly defined product areas that reflect the colors of the logo chain, and the products reach out to the customer in a direct and clear way. The Baby sector has a baby area where children can play while their mothers browse. The additional services that the pharmacy offers also have plenty of space in the newly designed consulting rooms. Additionally, the pharmacy offers many new facilities: wifi is available throughout, and we have also introduced a call center, so clients can order medicine by phone and have it delivered at home. The materials are all made of glass, aluminum and lights. The Prescriptions area is now managed by a Twintec Technilab robot, so the service has become faster, ironically people still want to spend more time in the pharmacy because it’s a blast to pass time in the future!

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