A unique flagship store for Kartinki Pharmacy Chain, enhancing innovation supported by a high quality of services and cutting-edge technology, deeply rooted in Russian traditions


New innovative Pharmacy, Russian rooted with a unique modern antique look.

The brief assigned by the client was to create a new unique retail concept in Voronesch in-line with Kartinki’s identity enhancing innovation. The objective was to propose an inviting and open environment aimed to offer comfort and welcoming environment with an outstanding look where the past and future live together.





A step ahead into the global future with a layout that accompaign customers along all the merchandising sector of the Pharmacy

A Pharmacy where the customers are guests, where they feel at home but in the same time they want to pass more time. Products connects with services with a strong communications of the different brands.


A reinterpretation of the Russian traditions : a flying carpet on which the famous puppet of Voronesch Theathre watch the customers from the windows

Sartoretto Verna Srl has designed a new oasis environment where the colors and materials enhance the time to stay. the raw bricks, the ancient pharmacy vases, the Ralclassic fixtures of a warm grey blu contrast with the modern aluminium and glass.



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