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Nuvola, a new concept in health and beauty stores, has opened its doors to the Saudi market with the inauguration of its first branch in the Kingdom located at Dhahran Mall in the Eastern Province. The opening ceremony was by high society members, beauty and skin care industry professionals, and a host of business and lifestyle journalists.
Mohammed Al-Farraj, GM, Al-Dawaa, explained that Nuvola will establish its presence in the Kingdom under the umbrella of the Al-Dawaa Company. “As a modern and global trademark, Nuvola will bring to the Saudi consumer, and women in particular, a wide range of the world’s best cosmetic and personal care products that meet the requirements of women and live up to their tastes,” he said.
Farraj added that plans for future expansion of the brand calls for the opening of a number of branches in major shopping centers in all major cities of the Kingdom.
The entry of Nuvola into the Saudi market comes in response to an increasing demand for high quality cosmetics and health products. With the Kingdom considered one of the fastest growing markets in the world in the field of cosmetics, Nuvola plans to compete with local and global beauty products, and pharmacy outlets that operate across the Kingdom.

Nuvola is marketed to appeal mainly to high women of all age groups, providing them with the basic needs for themselves and their families. Nuvola also offers cosmetics and personal care products suitable to customers of all ages and both sexes.

Nuvola claims to distinguish itself from its competitors with carefully selected products, advanced services and unique experience offered in its showrooms. The Nuvola brand aims to provide its customers with the latest trends and innovations in health and beauty products, cosmetics, and personal care.
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