The birth of the first modern drugstore in 1929 in the USA represented a big revolution for that time: an innovative store design, a new concept of retail store, fair pricing and a wide exposition of products. 84 years have passed by and nothing has changed in the today’s American pharmacies, with the exception of the most important factor: the customers!In fact, while the new technologies, the computers and the smart phones have created far more attentive, curious, and informed customers, the drugstores and the American pharmacies remained the same: big, wide exposition of products in low gondola shelving without any customer service or help during the buy.

Today’s customers are different than yesterday’s ones and they want to experience a different kind of pharmacy: the model that SV proposes is a Pharmacy as a focal community point. It is a pharmacy attentive to the customers, a place where to feel like home but, at the same time, that surprises you. The consumer demands trust.Trust in everything is the Pharmacy experience: this includes products, services and pieces of advice.

Before the opening of the first American pharmacy chain, the pharmacies did not have wide hallways and bright lighting, no self service nor store brands, however someone started to think about the group considering the possibilities of satisfying the people with a good customer care, treating every customer as a guest. Hence, some innovations have happened; but one century has passed and still nothing has changed. Something has stopped and the pharmacies look like older than one century ago.

Nowadays, everything is the same and anonymous, the customer is not a guest anymore and nobody answers to his many questions. The Pharmacy shops are all the same: boxes with tons of products inside. Furthermore, in this way is difficult to show the product brands properly and we know that the customers make up the 80% of their purchase decisions in the store right away.





Thinking out of the box

SV introduces the innovation of thinking out of the box, out of today picture of the American pharmacies: we are right now the alternative!

We believe in working and in the pleasure of creating places where people feel good, and want to stay more and come back. We think as your customers think, and we design what they’ll like to experience. The right Pharmacy design drives the customers through the store, provides all the information requested with entertainment and then sells the products.Coming inside one of the Pharmacy we designed should be a memorable experience so your client-guest will become a store-loyal buyer.



the layout follows the evolution of contemporary design. The furnishings with lights display a clear communication. Communication becomes very important and it is easy to replace following the promo and the seasons. Moreover, the products are divided between islands of different colours or characterization so as to make the customers able to reach them very easily, counters and semi-top helps temporary promotions or customer help. The customers want to touch the products before buying them, so the furnishings are open for the self service. And we all know that the more the customers see, the more they buy.



A place where prevention helps to live better. Through consultation rooms and a direct contact with pharmacists and specialized employees you will always obtain the best pieces of advice. A place where to feel good and where private spaces make you feel better if you are sick.



because the new customers want to be able to ask, be able to buy a product by their own or to be assisted at the best. Because we believe in courtesy and kindness and in giving to each person the right advice or a simple smile. Because a customer deserves to be treated as a guest in the Pharmacy exactly like in the past times.

Hence, this is the new American pharmacy where what counts is the customer not the product, a pharmacy with a soul.

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