In a few days the second Sartoretto Verna pharmacy for the Svetnaya chain will open in Kazakhstan. The pharmacy is located in the luxurious Mega2 shopping center – an extension of the first shopping center housed alongside it.

The 55,000 m2 Mega2 shopping center has been designed by Chapman and will contain a 22-by-12 meter aquarium, a concert hall, and a range of high-end stores making their debut in the Kazakh market. Sartoretto Verna is proud to present its innovative concepts for pharmacy chains in such a prestigious location.

The Svetnaya chain was one of the first pharmacies in the Kazakh market in Kostanay in 2002. It immediately drew the public’s attention by personalizing its stores with positive colors and style. The chain currently has 51 pharmacies in 10 cities across the country. In order to develop this excellent new concept, they called in Sartoretto Verna.

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The Svetnaya Pharmacy at Mega2 offers a range of services, all housed in an innovative layout. The products can be easily located thanks to sorting by brand and color. The entrance has been created with large glass panels to capture the eyes of passers-by – many customers are people that have simply been walking past and are enticed by the design. Product and services lists are readily made available so that people can literally find what’s in store for them with ease. Once you’re in the pharmacy, there is a lot to take in and thanks to the circular design you can browse promotions, products and treatments one by one – the circular design is what makes the pharmacy so inviting. The more classic shelved product displays, free-standing displays and easy accessibility are optimal for impulse purchases. Consultancy desks are located in strategic positions in order to give support to customers whilst carrying out other daily business in the pharmacy.

A colorful supervised children’s area allows mums to shop whilst the kids play.

Sartoretto Verna has created a concept for new and unique commercial spaces which will soon be open to the Kazakh public.


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Architect, Landscape architect and painter I lived for several years in the United States where I worked in the East Coast. Married to an American with two children, I travel around the world looking for innovative concepts for pharmacies. I am one of the current owners of Sartoretto Verna Srl with headquarters in Rome, Italy, where I live. We have offices and showrooms in Turin, Northern Italy. During the last 10 years I have gained a lot of experience working with the most important pharmacy chains in the world in particular in the Middle East, diffusing the notion of the pharmacy for the community and for the people made of smiles and professionalism knocking down the idea of cold and dreary drugstores. I believe in a pharmacy where people enjoy spending their time, where they are pampered, consoled and advised on specific products that are available for every one of us. This can be achieved in an attractive environment, full of clear and orderly communication. Passion is at the heart of everything I do and I try to let this come through in my work helping managers and owners of chains with a 360 ° consultancy which involves my creative side as well as marketing and management.